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2018-19 ATSU University Catalog 
2018-19 ATSU University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

The purpose of the Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences (DIHS) is to develop and implement nationally recognized core health sciences programs and post-professional healthcare degree programs of excellence that teach and exemplify the principles of evidence-based practice, healthcare outcomes, health informatics, technology, patient-centered care, and inter-professional teamwork. DIHS offers post-professional master’s degree programs in athletic training (residential, coordinates and oversees core health sciences programs (anatomy, research methodology, and biostatistics), coordinates and oversees the Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory, and supports the delivery of core training modules including Health Information Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPAA), blood borne pathogens, and biohazards.

Research Laboratory

The Arizona School of Health Sciences houses a 1,600 square foot Interdisciplinary Research Lab (IRL), which is supported and overseen by the Department of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. Currently, equipment available for faculty and student research projects includes a Kistler 9286 AA Slimline Force Plate and Walkway System, a portable multi-component force plate for measuring ground reaction forces and moments acting in any direction and two surface EMG units, the Noraxon My system 1200 4-channel and My system 1400 8-channel surface EMG, for assessment of neuromuscular performance characteristics. Motion analysis is possible using a Phloem’s 3-Space Fastback electromagnetic spatial tracking system. A Ringmaster computerized stress device is available for assessment of ankle, knee, elbow, and glen humeral joint force-displacement characteristics. The lab is also equipped with a Cyber 330 Isokinetic Dynamometer with the HUMAC/Windows/CYBEX 300 upgrade, Data Pac 2K2 data acquisition software, a Teton tremor box and foam blocks for balance assessment, a treadmill, a total gym, electro goniometers, a lower extremity perturbation device, and several desktop and laptop computers.


    Doctor of Athletic Training
    Master of Science