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2022-23 ATSU University Catalog 
2022-23 ATSU University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIOS 6210 - Biostatistics & Preventative Medicine

3.5 credit hours

Biostatistics & Preventive Medicine introduces the basic principles of biostatistics and preventive medicine. Biostatistics is the study and development of mathematical, statistical and computational methods applied to biological and medical data. The study of biostatistics serves to further the educational link between primary care and public health. Topics covered include methods to describe variation in data, statistical inference and hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, bivariate analysis, multiple variable analysis and probability theory. Preventive medicine topics include primary, secondary and tertiary prevention. Additional topics include public health systems, policy and finance. Students apply their knowledge by completing their “community project.” Students are expected to summarize their work in an abstract and to present their work in poster form. Student teams also complete a video recording of their poster presentation.