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2022-23 ATSU University Catalog 
2022-23 ATSU University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AUD 736 - Advanced Acoustic Immittance

4 weeks/1 credit hour

Acoustic immittance measures provide noninvasive evidence of the normalcy of the middle ear system and evidence of pathology, which may require medical intervention. Multifrequency and multicomponent tympanometry are useful tools for identifying mass or stiffness dominated systems that are consistent with pathology. The Advanced Tympanometry module provides a study of tympanometric measures for use in the assessment of tympanic membrane abnormalities, ossicular chain pathology, otitis media, neonatal hearing assessment, and aging of the middle ear system. The goal of this module is to provide the advanced clinical audiologist with knowledge and skills to pursue additional audiologic information through the use of multifrequency tympanometry, multicomponent tympanometry, acoustic reflexes and acoustic reflex decay for the diagnosis and rehabilitation of their patients.