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2022-23 ATSU University Catalog 
2022-23 ATSU University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ATRN 6301 - Advanced Clinical Practice VII: Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Techniques

1 credit hour

This course will introduce the athletic trainer to current concepts of soft tissue mobilization and their use in the treatment of commonly encountered orthopedic injuries. Basic histology, morphology, and biomechanics of soft connective tissue and muscle will be presented. Emphasis will be placed on enhancing the student’s understanding of the physiologic responses of soft tissues to orthopedic injury, immobilization, and repetitive stress, and the use of soft tissue mobilization to restore normal tissue structure and function. Indications, contraindications, and rationales for soft tissue mobilization during acute treatment and rehabilitation will be covered. Basic application techniques of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), vacuum therapy, and systemic dry needling will be presented for the spine, upper, and lower extremities. Integration of knowledge will be recorded through weekly discussions, reflections, reports, assignments, projects, readings, and/or class meetings. None