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2023-24 University Student Handbook 
2023-24 University Student Handbook

Student Wellness

The overall philosophy of Student Wellness is to provide an atmosphere of health and programs, which will enable students to reach their maximum potential in mind, body, and spirit. This “holistic” approach to medicine is distinctive to ATSU’s osteopathic heritage.

Arizona Recreational Facilities

Ross-Farnsworth East Valley YMCA
ATSU student’s qualify for complimentary access to the YMCA; families may have access at a discounted, ATSU-specific rate.

Location: 1807 South Sunview, Mesa, Arizona

For current hours of operation go to: https://valleyymca.org/ross-farnsworth-east-valley/

Missouri Campus Recreational Facilities

Thompson Campus Center

Location: 210 South Osteopathy, Kirksville, Missouri

For current hours of operation go to: https://atsu.edu/tcc  

Still-Well Student Wellness Program

The Still-Well Student Wellness Program is designed to encourage students’ health and wellness throughout their educational experience enabling them to reach their maximum potential in body, mind, and spirit. Programming focuses on the following realms of wellness: environmental, emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social. Students are encouraged to take part in Still-Well events and activities on their respective campus.

Contact Student Wellness Programs

Sarah Thomas, EdD, MSW, LCSW

Director of Behavioral Health & Wellness

E-mail: snthomas@atsu.edu

Telephone: 660-626-2751

304 Gutensohn, 800 West Jefferson Kirksville, MO

Olivia De Leon, MPH, CHES ®

Assistant Director of Wellness

E-mail: oliviadeleon@atsu.edu

Telephone: 480.219.6176

5850 E. Still Circle, Mesa, AZ 85206


Connect with Student Wellness Programs