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2023-24 University Student Handbook 
2023-24 University Student Handbook

Diversity & Inclusion

ATSU is deeply committed to an educational and collaborative environment embracing cultural proficiency. Students striving to become the best healthcare professionals possible must understand and embrace society’s diversity.

The Department of Diversity & Inclusion provides resources for students including a calendar of diversity-related events, trainings and university-wide programming, and scholarships.

Principles for Diversity

ATSU recognizes, values, and affirms that diversity contributes richness to the University community and enhances the quality of education and campus life for individuals and groups. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators are valued for their diversity as reflected by gender, race, national origin, age, religious beliefs, socio/economic background, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and disabilities. ATSU is committed to creating and maintaining an environment where persons may work together in an atmosphere free of all forms of abusive or demeaning communication. ATSU acknowledges the individual right of expression within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, and respect.

ATSU creates and supports a campus community that educates healthcare professionals who value and appreciate the importance of and have a unique perspective and outlook on diversity. ATSU seeks to improve quality of life for faculty, staff, and students by developing and implementing policies and programs supporting the University’s philosophy on diversity. ATSU hopes to help students learn about different cultures in society, understand the value of diversity, and actively seek to work with clients from varied cultures and backgrounds. This diversity-rich experience at ATSU adds value to the campus community.

Contact Diversity & Inclusion

Clinton Normore, MBA

Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

Arizona campus: 623.251.4705
Missouri campus: 660.626.2210

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