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2018-19 ATSU University Catalog 
2018-19 ATSU University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ATRN 8130 - Health Policy and Systems of Delivery

3 credit hours

This course provides a forum for exploration and discussion of current policy issues and trends in healthcare in general, and in athletic training more specifically. The course attempts to do three things: The first half of the course takes a broader approach to examine the U.S. health care system from a health policy and health politics perspective. Topics include general civics, the role of state and federal government in law and policy making, as well as organizing, financing, and delivering health care. The second half of the course will look more specifically at emerging policy issues. The second half of the course is designed to enhance the athletic trainer’s understanding of legal and risk management concepts as they pertain to daily clinical practice and the administration thereof. Concepts will include: accreditation, cardiac, heat and hydration, injury prevention and sport specialization, and concussion policy analysis.