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2018-19 ATSU University Catalog 
2018-19 ATSU University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ATRN 8150 - Winter Institute: Innovation in Athletic Training

5 credit hours

The four-day intensive Winter Institute is focused on Innovation to Advance Athletic Health Care. The thread of innovation is woven throughout the course with particular emphasis on innovation to advance higher education, innovation to advance patient care, and innovation to advance research. This course is designed to promote in-depth interaction between students and faculty to facilitate the development of action plans for leading innovation in athletic health care education, patient care, and research. Students will prepare a project proposal specific to their work environment to help them develop the knowledge and skills for leading innovations within their own health care facilities and institutions. The Institute faculty consists of leading innovators in athletic health care from across the country that students will have the opportunity to learn with and from. Each faculty member will lead educational sessions in their respective area(s) of expertise and will serve as small group facilitators. Students will be mixed throughout the week into three distinct small groups that meet daily, each facilitated by an internal (ATSU) and external faculty member, to maximize opportunities for extensive interactions with peers and faculty. Study sections will be used at the beginning of each day to stimulate critical thinking and promote dialogue around the theme of the day. Project groups will meet daily to help students develop their innovative projects for leading and managing environmental change. Reflection groups will meet at the end of each day to discuss the days key points, where students experienced their greatest knowledge gains, how the information can be translated into their work setting, and what new questions may have emerged. An extensive course-reading list will be provided in advance of the face-to-face meeting and students will be required to read all course material prior to the educational sessions. In addition to the project proposal, readings, and attending the face-to-face sessions, students will be expected to complete a post-Institute assessment.