Jun 06, 2023  
2022-2023 University Student Handbook 
2022-2023 University Student Handbook

National Center for American Indian Health Professions (NCAIHP)

​National Center for American Indian Health Professions (NCAIHP)

The NCAIHP serves all American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) students needing and seeking support to become academically and personally successful at ATSU.

The American Indian and Alaska Native communities are among the most underserved in terms of healthcare. To help address this great need and build on its long tradition of working closely with these communities, ATSU created NCAIHP to develop outreach to AI/AN high school and college students with the goal of sparking interest in healthcare careers.

The NCAIHP provides assistance with admissions applications, financial advising and more. The NCAIHP offers a mentor program connecting high school and college students to ATSU alumni who may answer questions and help find volunteer opportunities in healthcare. Alumni are also invited back to campus as both honored speakers and guests for continuing education events.

Current AI/AN students may benefit from academic and personal support, cultural connectivity, and mentorship through NCAIHP. By working closely with each program, NCAIHP serves to provide a student with opportunities to successfully complete their education and, in turn, provide healthcare services to underserved communities.

Contact the NCAIHP

Dougherty Tsalabutie, MS
Director, National Center for American Indian Health Professions

E-mail: doughertytsalabutie@atsu.edu

Telephone: 480.219.6108
Office: 5845 E. Still Circle; 2nd Floor Admissions Office Suite

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