Jun 06, 2023  
2022-2023 University Student Handbook 
2022-2023 University Student Handbook


ATSU Admissions is dedicated to providing support for University programs by recruiting and advising highly-qualified, diverse individuals who are committed to lifelong learning, becoming competent healthcare providers, and serving underserved populations.

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program is ATSU’s volunteer public relations organization and is represented on both the Arizona and Missouri campuses. Ambassadors play a key role in successful student recruitment and retention in a number of ways, some of which include:

  • participating in admissions interview days
  • contacting prospective students by e-mail, phone, and mail
  • conducting campus tours for prospective students and various groups
  • representing ATSU at local college/university and career fairs.
  • participating in recruitment and alumni events

To learn more about ATSU’s Student Ambassador Program, please stop by Admissions on a residential campus.

Students must remain in good standing to maintain active student ambassador positions. Ambassadors who are placed on academic warning and/or probation will have their ambassador duties temporarily suspended. When a student is removed from academic/disciplinary probation, and/or has successfully completed all remediation work, they are encouraged to contact Admissions regarding their status as an ambassador.

Residential Re-admission

In most instances, students withdrawing from ATSU, regardless of the reason, must apply for re-admission. To apply for re-admission, the applicant should submit the Application for Re-admission (https://www.atsu.edu/pdf/applicationforreadmission.pdf) to Enrollment Services at least one month in advance of the time the applicant wishes to re-enroll (three months preferred). The Admissions Committee will consider the applicant and may ask for letters of reference, medical documentation, etc., and will review the student’s credentials on file with Enrollment Services. The Admissions Committee has the right to conduct interviews, secure documentation, evaluate past grades/performance, etc. Since the reason each applicant left is unique, information required by the Admissions Committee may vary. The Admissions Committee has the right to reject an applicant’s request for re-admission. The Admissions Committee will consult with the dean of the college/school to establish placement and academic conditions for re-admission. If a background check is required for the program of study, a new background check will be required.

Former students who have withdrawn or been dismissed from ATSU for greater than two years may be required to complete the full admission process for all new applicants.

Admissions Contact

Dave Koenecke, DC, MEd
Assistant Vice President - Admissions

E-mail: dkoenecke@atsu.edu
Telephone: 660.626.2410
Arizona: 5845 E. Still Circle, 2nd Floor Admissions Suite
Missouri: Tinning Education Center, 2nd Floor Admissions Suite

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