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2021-2022 University Student Handbook 
2021-2022 University Student Handbook

Student Life

Student Life fosters academic, professional, and social development of ATSU students through intentional programming, cultivating student leaders and leadership opportunities, and supporting registered student organizations at ATSU. Student Life encourages and promotes life outside the classroom by fostering a community of collaboration, responsibility, and respect among all ATSU community members.

Guest Speakers

ATSU recognizes the value that guest speakers with demonstrated expertise in an area of interest can bring to the institution’s community.  Accordingly, individual students or student organizations may invite a guest speaker to ATSU who may contribute intellectually, culturally or otherwise to the community.  The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidelines for how students and student organizations may request guest speakers.

If a student or a student organization would like to host a guest speaker or presenter, Student Life will need to be provided with the name of the presenter, any appropriate credentials, and the topic on which he or she is presenting. This information will be submitted when completing the Event Request form on Engage.

Guest speakers must disclose to the audience:

  1. If there is any financial benefit from speaking at the University or from recruiting ATSU students
  2. Views of the speaker are not representative of ATSU’s views

Guest speaker proposals may not:

  • Include unlawful activity
  • Threaten to endanger any member(s) of the ATSU community
  • Pose a threat to physical facilities of ATSU
  • Disrupt or obstruct the normal operations of the university
  • Include activity that violates ATSU policy or that is contrary to the best interests of the institution or its students, faculty or staff
  • Include any activity likely to lead to any of the above

Approved events do not imply acceptance or endorsement by ATSU of the views expressed.

Student Engagement

Student Life encourages students to participate in co-curricular, social, professional, and governing registered student organizations (RSO). Outside the classroom involvement enriches the overall experience of a professional health sciences student.

Student Organizations

There are many avenues available to students to engage with Student Life outside the classroom, mainly through registered student organizations (RSO).

A complete list of ATSU-recognized organizations may be found online at for the Arizona campus and for the Missouri campus. Annually, these groups are required to register with Student Life.

Guidelines and policies regarding student organizations are found in the online RSO Handbook:

COVID-19 and Student Organizations

Students have been impacted in multiple ways by COVID-19, and ATSU is committed to assisting student organizations during this unprecedented time. Student organizations must hold events virtually until further notice. Many student groups have successfully adapted their events and regular operations to a virtual space. Meetings and events can take place virtually via Zoom. Students can obtain a Zoom account for their organizations by submitting an ITS ticket at

In-person events which take place off campus will be reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. As with any student organization activity, the proposed in-person event must be submitted and approved in Engage. To take place, CDC guidelines must be followed carefully, including meeting in small groups of 10 or less, maintaining social distance, and wearing masks at all times. The event may not take place unless it has been approved by Student Life in Engage. Events are not permitted to take place on campus until further notice.

Additionally, student organization leaders are encouraged to use this opportunity to check in on their members. There have been shifts in our daily lives and officers can support their members virtually. Sending messages of support, granting accommodations to membership requirements, holding online elections, and gathering socially in virtual spaces are all possible ways to support student organization members.

Student Governance

ATSU encourages every student to express their views on issues in policy-making operations and administration of policy at the campus and University level. Each student governing body has a nomination/election process as defined in its constitution.

ATSU has two formal avenues in which students may get involved in student governance:
University Student Association (USA)
Student Government Association – Missouri (SGA)

Through these organizations, student representatives serve on ATSU committees and have opportunities to provide input into the formulation and application of policies affecting academic and student affairs. Student governing bodies are authorized under the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Engagement Guidelines

Student involvement in Registered Student Organizations (RSO) is voluntary and should not interfere with academic performance/standing. ATSU students may not hold an office and/or position of major responsibility in an RSO if the student:

  • is on academic and/or disciplinary probation;
  • has a record of poor academic performance as determined by the academic program; or
  • is prohibited by a college/school’s academic review committee.

If students find themselves in any of the situations listed above, they must resign from their officer position or elevated role within the RSO within seven days of notice of change of academic/behavioral status. Students are encouraged to work with the director or assistant director, Student Life, on how to effectively communicate this change to the RSO so as to protect confidential academic/behavioral status.

Students removed from academic/disciplinary probation and/or successfully completing all remediation work, are encouraged to meet with Student Life about re-establishing their original role within the RSO.

Student Housing

Missouri campus
Missouri campus Student Life manages on-campus housing comprised of 44 units of convenient, comfortable, and cost-efficient housing. The on-campus housing location is ideal for walking to class, the Thompson Campus Center, and downtown Kirksville.

Housing residents with a service animal, or residents who wish to request an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) accommodation in ATSU Housing, should contact Learning & Disability Resources ( An ESA must be approved as an accommodation before having the animal in residence.If a student is interested in learning more about housing, she/he is encouraged to take an online virtual tour at:

To learn more about availability, rates, or other features of on-campus housing, students are encouraged to stop by Student Life.

Contact Student Life


Director - Student Life


Arizona: 5850 E. Still Circle; 1st Floor Student Affairs Suite, 480.219.6276
Missouri: Tinning Education Center, 2nd Floor Student Life Suite, 660.626.2516

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